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EU Africa Partnership: Strengthening the African ICT sector through the Horizon 2020 Framework

The ‘2013 Africa-EU Cooperation Forum on ICT’ was hosted on December 2-3, 2013 as a significant part of the African ICT week that took place at the African Union HQ in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This event organised by the EuroAfrica-ICT/P8 EU/FP7 funded project, is the sixth of a series of very successful conferences organised by the EuroAfrica-ICT Initiative under the aegis of the European Commission and the African Union, in the framework of the Joint Africa-EU Strategic Partnership (JAES).

Hosted by the African Union and Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) of Egypt, this 6th Forum is aimed at strengthening and supporting the development of cooperation on ICT research, innovation and development between Africa and Europe by:

    • Allowing European and African Information technology stakeholders to get together;
    • Allowing participants to exchange views, share information, and identify synergies to increase the impact of their activities;
    • Supporting policy dialogues, considering medium-to long term perspectives, and agreeing on an overall/coherent vision;
    • And most importantly Increasing the number of African organisations involved in EU/H2020 collaborative projects on ICT research thus enhancing the development of Euro-African collaborative projects in the field.

ICTs have a unique potential and rapid transformational power to fast-track African development in all socio-economic sectors and particularly healthcare, education, energy & environment, transport systems, government administration, trade and finance.

Besides developing infrastructures and human capacities, Europe has clearly demonstrated the will to help Africa tackle technological issues under the 8th JAES partnership and through Horizon 2020 funded projects involving some of Europe's leading research centers like Fraunhofer and VTT. These include for instance research capacity building and the development of low cost devices, user interfaces, content generation up to education and health mobile applications. Beyond global challenges there is a strong focus on adaptation in order to make technological developments take into account local African needs and environments.
Established in Addis Ababa since January 2008, the European Union delegation to the African Union is working hard to promote Horizon 2020 and facilitate the interaction between African and European Partners.

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  • Michael Brima
    Michael Brima
    Monday, 16 December 2013 09:49

    Is a very good initiative in the ICT sectors i hope next furum i will be invited to give my own little input as a founder and CEO for MAB Innovative Services in Sierra Leone. thanks

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