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Who We Are

Andalem Consulting PLC is an Addis Ababa based research and advisory firm dedicated to advancing Ethiopia’s and Africa’s economic transformation and sustainable development.

What We Do

We infuse AI in the fabric of Organizations and Ecosystems to accelerate the digital economy for a future that is rich in opportunities, universally accessible and environmentally sustainable.


Artificial Intelligence

We help companies and ecosystems not only transition into the AI age but also to build resilient, growth-oriented, and socially responsible business models for the future.

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Consortium Projects

We ensure that consortium projects are effectively conceptualized, launched, managed, and brought to successful completion, delivering their intended benefits to all stakeholders involved, and foster ecosystem level transformations.View More »

Advanced Research

Our Advanced Research offering is designed to help organizations navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing world, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and prepare for the challenges of the future.View More »