Michael Tesfaye Hiruy

Founder & Managing Partner

Michael Tesfaye Hiruy is a multicultural social entrepreneur with a passion for Social Innovations and an extensive experience in the High Information Technology sector. With a deep conviction that the exponential progress and convergence of technology can create an inclusive and sustainable world, Michael is committed to birth Ethiopia's and Africa’s transformation in the digital era with decentralized and personalized digital services. 

Michael has 15+ years of experience in the high-tech sector managing technology R&D projects ranging from Nano-electronics to graphical user interface, both in Silicon Valley USA and Grenoble France. He also has 8+ years of experience in facilitating Private-Public partnerships to unlock digitization projects in Africa while representing the NEPAD Business Foundation at the African Union and in East Africa.

Michael is also currently the group strategic advisor of Ethiopia’s leading mobile banking and ecommerce platforms provider and the Chief Strategy Officer of the first Pay-as-you-go solar company in Ethiopia. He holds a 1st masters in Science, Technology, and Health majoring in Biotechnology from Grenoble Alpes University and a 2nd masters in Innovation Management from ISTIA (institut de Sciences et Techniques de l’Ingénieur à Angers), University of Angers.