Who We Are


Engineering Abundance, Sustainability and Inclusiveness through Artificial Intelligence and Global Collaborations.

Andalem Consulting PLC is an Addis Ababa based research and advisory firm dedicated to advancing Ethiopia’s and Africa’s economic transformation and sustainable development.
With a global vision built on Artificial Intelligence’s exponential progress, and focusing on Renewable Energy, Connectivity, Healthcare, Education and Financial Inclusion, we help businesses and development organizations transition into the AI age. 

At the ecosystem level, we design and implement public-private partnership-based consortium projects that seamlessly integrate A.I. to drive ecosystem level transformations and accelerate the digital economy towards an abundant, inclusive and sustainable world.
Andalem has been pioneering a continental effort to build Africa’s capacity in technological R&D since 2015, as it is foundational to the 21st century’s digital economy. In 2017, Andalem collaborated with the African Union, the South African Department of Technology & Innovation and NEPAD Business Foundation, to promote Digitization and Technology Entrepreneurship.

Founded in Grenoble France, the Alpine Silicon Valley of Europe in 2013, Andalem is currently based in the African capital to put its High-Tech legacy, exponential thinking and social values at the service of Africa and the rest of the world at large.
  • Michale Tesfaye Hiruy
    Founder & CEO
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        Advanced Research
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        Consortium Projects
    • Sammy A. Rao
      Chief Implementer & Programmer
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