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HelloHub Project

Project Description

Designed and implemented by Andalem Consulting PLC, the HelloHub project is a collaboration between Andalem, BelCash Technology Solutions PLC, and supported by the former Jobs Creation Commission now under MoLS.  

The project aims to revolutionize digital access across Ethiopia by establishing over 770 Hellohub warehouses, and 15,000 HelloHubs nationwide, both in urban and rural areas. Strategically positioned to maximize accessibility and intending to benefit more than 10 million people, these hubs are designed as one-stop centers for a variety of digital services. They offer connectivity and airtime, mobile banking, access to solar energy for households, ecommerce, entertainment, and more. 

A key goal of the project is to create 45,000 jobs, particularly focusing on franchise entrepreneurship. 

A pilot project was initiated in partnership with Flintstone Home, a local real estate and construction company in the Amhara region